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I've been meaning to get two reviews for Amor posted for a while. This year, I've seen the lovely lady twice--right off the bat, that should tell you she's a service provider of the highest caliber.
Venue: Amor's place is close to the Old Port. It's a gorgeously appointed apartment, and she has absolutely everything. The first thing she does when you walk in the door is sweetly greet you, chat a bit, and then take you upstairs to the bed and bathroom. Amor kisses, and she provides mouthwash right off the bat and invites you to take a shower.
Looks: Amor is as advertised in her SC profile--tall, big smiles, sassy. She's very firm with tight abs and large breasts.
Service: the first time I visited Amor, she was very friendly and put me completely at ease. She'll do a lot of dirty talk without solicitation, and she's very enthusiastic about her work. There's no 'taking it slow' with her. In the first session, we did some back and forth oral, and then she took me over to the sofa to have me top her standing up (I performed miserably however). After that, we went back to the bed where she topped me in a number of positions, and finished me off with her hands.
In the second session, I asked her to get a bit rough with me. She was no slouch when it came to slapping me around and calling me names. It was my first time having an SP get rough with me, and Amor was wonderful about it. She alternated between facefucking/slapping me and having me blow her slowly, and then topped me until she came. Afterwards, she rimmed me and fingered me while jerking me off. It was something.
One of the best things about Amor is how casually she treats you. She will candidly give you details of her own life, and she isn't shy or all sweetness about everything. She's herself, which is the best you get of someone. Obviously, I'd see her again for a third session, and I highly recommend her. If you want someone submissive and demure, she's not for you. But if you want someone vivacious and energetic, give her a call. She's very classy, and full of spice.

10/11/2017, alebasq.
Just thought I would give some 411 on this lovely as well, Apparently she is moving to Toronto in a couple of weeks so for those who did not see her last week you will have another chance. Amor looks just like her pics, description is accurate 5'7" I would say 140lbs. Her voice is very very sexy!!!! and she is a GFE, not as much as some but still a GFE (felt a little lack of lust and passion) and over all very very good. Mutal BBBJ, LFK, top & Bottom. She was a very good top and did me nice and hard. Overall I would repeat and think she will get even better with more visits.

27/10/2017, Martini Joe
Had a great time with Amor! I read all the previous reviews and booked for an afternoon session. No hassles making an appointment and she let me right in. She was behind the door when she opened it she was wearing a red bra and panty set - she looked awesome!

We made a little small talk and then started making out - i was nerves for the first bit but settled down and got a big hardon once we got to kissing - and she's a world class kisser which always works for me.

The session was unrushed and really enjoyable; we both did some sucking before she gave me a real good pounding. I returned the favor and we both came together. We made some small talk after fro 15 minutes or so and she never made like she was trying to get rid of me. Definitely recommend and see again!

04/09/2017, slimbical16
I've now seen Amor twice, but it slipped my mind to post the review the first time around, so this will be a double header. 
Amor is a total professional. She received me in an extremely nice and upscale loft not far from the Old Port. She makes sure to make her clients comfortable, offering water as soon as you get through the door, a shower if you want it with fresh towels and plenty of bath products, and mandatory mouthwash because you can expect to do some deep kissing. She can be both romantic and a total dominator. First time I saw her, we did some mutual CBJ, followed by her topping me and then me topping her. We started in the bed, but by the time we finished up we were across the room standing up by the sofa with me behind her. 
This time around, we went wild and she got nice and rough with me. She did some slapping, spanking, and face fucking before ordering me onto the bed and topping me in a number of positions. After she finished, it was my turn and she fingered and rimmed me while jerking me off. What a whirlwind!
Amor's really friendly and I highly recommend her if you want an enthusiastic woman who's a pro through and through. Something tells me that she'll accommodate whatever you need so long as you're respectful and discuss it beforehand. I can only imagine what's in store for me next time!

19/08/2017, alebasq
This was my first time, Amor was incredible. She knew i was nervous but was so calming, she was gorgeous and respectable. She didn't rush me, even though I took longer than anticipated.
Her body and face was so sexy, as soon as i walked in I was hard.
I can't wait to see her again!

25/07/2017, Mikibigone
Amor.....wow, what to say.

Absolutely beautiful. So happy when I walked in the door. Stunning really, could fall for this chick immediately. Hugs and kisses right away. 
I asked to grab a quick shower, all good. Came out, and started the session right away. She's an amazing kisser, deep slow kisses, mmmmm, so erotic. 
Her body is killer. I sucked her tits for a while before she started kissing/love biting me all over. Worked her way to my cock, god, fantastic head. After a bit , she moved up so I could suck her beautugul cock. Mmmmmmm, getting hard now writing this.

From there to a her on top 69, my favourite, then continued to a sideways 69. So good having her in my throat, perfect size cock. So smooth, tastes amazing, hard the whole time. Love her cock. She then moved me to side of the bed, put on a condom, and some lube, and started fucking me. Legs open, legs closed, legs sideways, then the other way, deep fucking, followed by hard fast fucking.  I couldn't take too much, with my legs pinned back, her pounding me as hard as she could, I blew my load, while she continued to fuck me, and cum inside me.  OMG.
Anyways, I actually held back a little on this review. Go see her guys. 
My favourite provider now. Honestly, if I could have gone back within a couple hours, I would have. Craving her cock in me since I left.
She is amazing. I can't say it in a way that seems to give her enough credit.  I miss her already. 
Thank you so much Amor. I can't wait to see you again. Take care :-)

02/07/2017, luckydog84
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